Botum Sakor National Park

The Botum Sakor National Park is located on a large peninsula southeast of Koh Kong.


The landscape is lowland jungle with beaches and mangroves circling the perimeter. Home to many endangered species such as the Asian Elephant, Indochinese Tiger, Clouded Leopard, and Sun Bear to name a few. This area is a very important environmental zone with critical habitat.

It’s important to understand that this is not a typical eco tour. For the most part, it is a road trip that goes through the mountains with beautiful views. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to the park. Here, we enter on a very wide dirt road and travel into areas that change many times before we reach the south coast. As the sea comes into view, many islands are seen and we can take a boat ride to Koh Sdech island to see the local fishing village.

This is a park that has many residents living here and they use the land for resources. Old logging tracts are seen from the road as we drive through and other areas are very heavy jungle. Future development has begun and many residents have been relocated for this project.To visit the park, you can gather insight to issues and challenges that wild areas of Cambodia face today.

On this tour, we can customize to your wishes. Beach camping, trekking, island visits, island bungalows, day trip, beach BBQ are some options.

Please contact us to arraign this tour.

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