This fishing trip will be done in the same style that the local Khmer fishermen do after they have set out their nets and wait hours to pull them in[no nets on trip]. Going to areas nearby, they will use standard fishing gear to add to the catch. A true Khmer experience.

A 7:40am Tuk Tuk pick-up will bring you to the Long Tail boat for a 1.5 – 2 hour ride out to sea. With boat in position, you will have medium weight gear and use fresh bait to fish off the bottom sea floor. As all good fishermen do, if it’s slow, a new location will be motored to. Lunch will be a seafood BBQ on board and if you wish, a swim can be had.

On the return, in the afternoon, we will boat through Peam Krasaop National Park and stop for a walk through the mangroves. In this area, local fishing villages will be observed.

Arrive back about 6pm with fishing stories to take home!

If you wish to do, your catch can be brought back to Koh Kong where a local restaurant will prepare dinner for you, featuring your fish as the main course! Another option is the fish can be given to a local family in need.

$25 per, minimum of 4 people or buy the boat for $100

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